What to Expect When Redesigning Your Website with ArcStone

By Ilia Jones | December 2022


No website redesign is a small project, no matter if your website is ten pages or ten thousand. In addition to a visual update and perhaps a technical upgrade in the background, a website redesign provides an opportunity to revisit your content and messaging.

In fact, if you think that everything is fine as is, you might be even more in need of a website overhaul than you realize! 

For a project with so many interlocking pieces, you could probably use a hand keeping them all straight, and that's where ArcStone comes in. 

Why Choose ArcStone to Redesign Your Website?

First off, we not only know how to revamp your organization's website into something visually stunning, but we also understand every piece of the puzzle. We can help you create the right website for your business or nonprofit with the right functionality and message. 

We Have the Knowledge and Experience to Do It Right

At ArcStone, we have been building and redesigning websites for our customers for decades. We have the technical chops and deep knowledge of the tools available to create whatever you want for your organization.

Want simple fundraising tools? We can present options that even your grandmother could pick up in a snap. Want social media integration and powerful analytics? We know precisely which WordPress plugins will do the job. 

We also do the work and research to ensure that our knowledge and skillsets are never stale. We are constantly on the lookout for new tools, integrations, best practices, and search engine algorithm changes that may impact your website's performance. 

We Blueprint and Strategize to Create the Perfect Website for You

Before we start designing, we take the time to get to know your organization, goals, and audience. The discovery and strategy phases of our design process allow us to get to know you better. We do this to ensure that we are all on the same page and working toward the same goal. 

We work hard to ensure that everything we're doing will get you results. We focus on audience-driven web design, so your unique community will get what they want and expect from your new website. 

At this stage of the process we create a fully strategized wireframe and site hierarchy as a blueprint. This blueprint provides milestones to drive the project forward and acts as a reference along the way. 

We Offer Site Hosting 

Not every web design shop in town is also willing to host the site for you — but we are! Most web designers don't have the infrastructure required to host the sites they create. And the hosting companies that don't build websites cannot troubleshoot and quickly identify usability issues.

In our decades of experience, we've realized that hosting sites for our clients, as well as designing them, gives us greater insight into your website's speed and performance. It also allows us greater efficiencies when making updates and streamlines troubleshooting when problems arise. 

We Happily Share What We know

We are here to help you craft the website of your dreams, not be the gatekeepers of arcane Internet knowledge.

When working with customers, we never hide our methods or techniques. Instead, we gladly educate clients and their staff so they can be self-sufficient.

Additionally, we offer events, on-demand webinars, and a helpful blog (which you're already learning from!) that covers a breadth of topics from digital marketing to web design and technology. 

We treat all our customers like partners — and it shows. Some of our clients have been with us since the 1990s. That's a lot of website evolution!

What To Expect When Redesigning Your Website

Our decades of web design experience come together in our unique process. We work with you every step of the way, from discovery to launch. 

Discovery and Planning

The initial stage of our process is what we call "discovery." This phase includes a deep dive into your current website, known as a site audit. Additionally, we have conversations with your organization to learn more about what you do, your goals, and your audience. This process helps us define the project's scope and identify any software integrations your website needs. 

Sitemaps and Wireframes

The next stage of the process entails developing a sitemap for the new website and the development of wireframes. Wireframes show the building blocks of the web pages in different organizations so you can see the cohesive design and functionality. This is also when we create the blueprint for your unique website redesign project, including project milestones and estimates. 

Content and SEO

Rather than dive into design, we have learned from experience that getting the content set and SEO strategy in place can help us avoid delays further down the line. We can provide as much or as little support as your organization needs at this point. For those that need more help, we offer full-service copywriting and SEO strategies. Or we can provide whatever assistance you need with SEO and content strategy, editing, and entry.  


Once the content and SEO strategy is in place and the writing has begun, we focus on creating an eye-catching design that reflects your organization's aesthetic. We put together color palettes, imagery, fonts, and other visual elements that will connect with your audience. We provide mock-ups for both web and mobile sites so you can get a feel for the new look and user experience. 


This is the phase when the magic happens. We take all of the design, user experience, and page layout ideas and turn them into a fully functional reality. Web design and layout, third-party integrations, WordPress plugins, and any other functionality your site needs will come together at this stage.  

Content Entry

After the website is built out and functional, we add in the content that's been in the works. Suppose all has gone well (and it usually does!). In that case, this should be a seamless process of taking the SEO-optimized content and adding it where it belongs according to the blueprint. 

Quality Assurance and Launch

Before launch, we perform detailed user testing and functional testing to ensure that everything is working as it should. All links, forms, and buttons will be tested to ensure that users are being sent to the right places and that the correct events are triggered.

We also do thorough accessibility testing to ensure your site functions well for those with visual impairment, blindness, color blindness, or other disabilities.  

Finally, when it's time to launch, our team will work with you to ensure a smooth transition to the new site.

Experience Matters. Experience the Difference with ArcStone. 

At ArcStone, we've been helping nonprofits and other thoughtful brands with their web design, content writing, and hosting for decades. And that wealth of experience is exactly what makes us different. 

Partner with us on your next website redesign and experience just how different ArcStone is. 


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