No Script, No Talking, No Problem: Silent Video Can Still Work

By Nicholas Longtin | July 2019

In our work environment, it's not unusual to have a client that gets bogged down with a particular stage of the video production process and just can’t move the project forward. Many times it’s finding the right people to be on camera, getting final script approval, or carving out the time for employees to abandon their normal work to focus on the video project.


Silence Is Golden

One way to overcome these obstacles and still create compelling video content is to go silent. By removing the need for scripting and on camera talent the video production process can sail along unencumbered.

Of course this style of video isn’t ideal for all subject matter. Typically concepts that include a lot of action or demonstration work best. Clever camera work and editing replace the need for spoken audio and let the moving images do the talking. Below is a perfect example of how silent videos can still be effective marketing pieces.



My client The Marsh, a health spa and fitness community, wanted a short video to showcase the wide range of activities they offer. I spent half a day at their beautiful property shadowing instructors and capturing all the action along the way.

The result is an engaging video that showcases what makes The Marsh special. The music and editing was an exercise in contrast, blending both fast paced action and relaxing visuals. To pull this off all my client needed to do was carry on their usually business, I took care of the rest. This kind of video showcases how an effective piece of content can be executed in little time and without a written script. 

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