A few reasons why HubSpot is still our marketing automation platform

By Jenna Christensen | August 2018

Four years later, a few reasons why HubSpot is still our marketing automation platform of choice

Evolution is a value that ArcStone strives to passionately follow, and one of the ways we evolve as an agency is evaluating our software and trying new systems. Two years ago, I wrote about why we continue to use HubSpot for both our agency and many of our clients. Fast forward to now, and it still remains in our stable of trusted systems. With our upcoming Crash Course on digital marketing tools, I thought it would be a good chance to outline a few of the reasons why I still feel HubSpot is one of the best choices for marketing automation.

Training materials

HubSpot has always offered a pretty robust catalogue of training, but I have been especially impressed by the continual iterations and improvement to their training material. Not only do they update the training as the software evolves, but they strive to educate a user in both marketing and sales philosophy. This dedication to comprehensive training seems to point to the fact that their customers (both agencies and end users) are much more successful when they are knowledgable of the tool and confident in using it. We share that belief ourselves — which is why we host our tech translated crash courses. Like Paul Wellstone said, “We all do better when we all do better.”

Our experience with other automation platforms

Over the past 12–18 months, we have seen an increase in organizations asking for help to integrate with automation platforms or running campaigns. Although we are not seasoned experts in some of the other systems, we found that many of them were not viable solutions because of the usability within the admin and the ease of integration/implementation. Of course, HubSpot is certainly not a perfect solution for every organization or circumstance, but other systems we’ve seen and use have not made us waiver in our commitment.

Continuous evolution

As HubSpot continues to evolve the marketing automation side of their system, they have also added many major features over the past several years. These features include lead flows (which I recently wrote about), a complete sales/CRM suite, a customer service hub, and most recently a free and brand-new feature called conversations. Conversations is a free messaging/chat bot tool.

Beyond inbound

Similar to what is alluded to above, HubSpot has gone far beyond the original inbound methodology that they coined. Attracting and capturing qualified users organically with great content is definitely as viable as ever (as proven by our own 4x increase in blog traffic), but the system is becoming even more holistic with their sales and ticketing/service tools. Some could argue that becoming an all in one customer communications software will stretch them too far outside of their bread and butter, but only time will tell.

All that being said, we will always continue to keep our eye on all automation systems while keeping our community up to date on our findings.

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