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ArcStone Introduces the iGlasses

ArcStone is excited to announce our new product, the iGlasses. iGlasses will revolutionize the way people use their smart phones, and run into things. Unlike Google Glass, iGlasses uses your existing smart phone in an entirely new way. Our amazing new technology transforms your iPhone into a wearable eyesore that makes using apps, watching videos, and reading an up close and personal experience.

We challenged our design team to create an iPhone case that was both beautiful and functional, while integrating some of the most exciting new technologies. We have created the blackest, thickest, glossiest iPhone eyeglasses case ever.

Our technology team has created the easiest way to use the iPhone yet. With advanced eye tracking and voice commands, every aspect of your iPhone has been upgraded to take advantage of iGlasses, with only minor retinal bleeding.

The iPhone has been liberated from your pocket. iGlasses, everything you love about the iPhone, on your face.