Why You Need a Solid Social Media Strategy, Plan, and Execution

By Olivia Diercks | May 2020


For several years now, it has been true that no matter the industry or line of work, nearly every organization benefits from a solid social media strategy. It has quickly become a top way for brands to engage with their audiences consistently and directly, meeting them where they're at. Consider where your audience is at in the current state of things...

Home! Millions of Americans are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. And when they're not working? Still at home. Some 316 million Americans have been urged by their local and state officials to stay at home save for essential trips to the grocery store, prescription pick-up, etc. Virtually no organization has gone untouched by the Coronavirus outbreak due to new and rapidly changing consumer habits and patterns. So what does this mean for social media engagement? 

Social Media Usage Is Up

Social media usage has surged, with people spending 20% more time in apps during the lockdowns. HubSpot reports that its partners have experienced a 13% increase in web traffic within a month, and a 21% increase in email opens for campaigns. If you're wondering where your potential donors, volunteers, communities - the people you serve - are, look no further. Individuals are looking for ways to stay connected, virtually. If their use of social networks is up, yours as an organization should be, too. 


Engage Meaningfully and Strategically

Engage with them in a meaningful way and navigate this new normal alongside them. Contribute to the positives social media can bring by giving people a healthy way to engage during this time. You don't need to think of this as an opportunity to capitalize on a global health crisis, but instead as an opportunity to continue serving your communities while you can't get in front of them in person. You begin by creating value, which in turn builds brand equity.

Wondering Where To Start?

To do this effectively - to the benefit of your communities - you need a solid strategy, plan, and execution. Watch the ArcStone  On-Demand Webinar: Social Media Strategies for Nonprofits. The webinar covers strategy, tools for effective execution, developing trends, and best practices.

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