What Collaboration Means to ArcStonians

By Ilia Jones | May 2019

Our upcoming Happy(our) this month celebrates one of our (and my personal favorite) core values; Collaboration.

Collaboration, in essence, makes the world go ‘round.  If Freddie Mercury hadn’t met and collaborated with Brian May and Roger Taylor - Queen would never have been born. And what a dark world it would be without Queen.

If Lisa and David here at ArcStone hadn’t decided to coordinate efforts and create ArcStone through collaboration - I wouldn’t have a job and you wouldn't be reading this fabulous blog. 

To commemorate this vital process, I’ve asked a few ArcStonians about what role collaboration has had in their personal or professional lives. 

So ArcStonians, What Does Collaboration Mean to You?  




Ilia Jones

Ilia Jones

Marketing Manager & Content Editor

Any success I’ve had can be traced back to intentional collaboration. I am constantly inspired by the people around me and their abilities that often differ from my own. In my own life, I've had failures and successes and the latter was certainly due to the support and connection to incredible people I have the privilege to know.

On a bigger scale, I think about anything that has made a difference in this world; environmental movements, civil rights accomplishments, even the advancement of technology. All have relied heavily on the collaboration of many brilliant minds. Without our ability to collaborate, the world would essentially stand still.



Michael Sasorith

Michael Sasorith


Professionally, design is all about problem-solving and finding ways to improve things — whether if that is from a visual standpoint or user-experience. The best way to figure out the best solution is to seek constructive feedback and collaborating with people from different perspectives on a project.

This is almost similar to how it applies to me personally and the issues I care about. Fighting for any form of social justice is tough, and no one person can do it alone — it requires communities and people working together. Collaboration is not only important in regards to self-care — to have a community to lean on when you are mentally and emotionally drained from the work. But, it also helps you grow and strengthen empathy when you connect and listen to others.



Nick Longtin

Nick Longtin


Collaboration is essential for creating amazing content and telling compelling stories. When I’m creating a short film with a client we work very closely together to ensure I’m capturing their authentic story. This close collaboration results in a final product that truly represents the clients' message.



Signe Steiner

Signe Steiner

PR & Event Coordinator

Collaboration is a deeply human activity. To me, it is the ability to approach a challenge and have an open mind to others perspectives. It is an opportunity to listen, learn and create together.



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Hear more about collaboration at our Happy(our)!

Join us on Thursday, May 16th, 2019 for our Happy(our): Collaboration event! Come listen to Adam Levy, Chanida Phaengdara Potter, Joe Horton, and Ken Brahmstedt discuss one of ArcStone's core values and how they apply it in life and the workplace.