SEO Myths - What Organizations Misunderstand About SEO

By ArcStone | February 2020

SEO Myths and Misunderstandings

We work with lots of different industries and nonprofits, but what they all have in common is their interest in gaining guidance when it comes to understanding what makes a website effective, and how to achieve their digital goals.  If we had been counting, we could probably say that many if not most need a great deal of help them with search engine optimization (SEO). 

We aren’t sure who the culprit is for spreading so much misinformation, but we want to set the record straight and help business owners sift through what is and isn’t SEO. Holding onto the wrong ideas about search visibility can stop you from following a winning plan. So, let’s keep you from making the most common mistakes by clearing up a few misconceptions about SEO. 

SEO Isn’t About Flashy Tricks or Quick Fixes

This is the one notion we have to fight constantly. Because there was a time when you could improve your search rankings by stuffing keywords onto pages or buying inbound links to your website, many of our clients want to know why we don’t utilize “secret tricks” or gimmicks.

Oh boy do we wish there was some magic trick to SEO, but like many things in life, there is no one magic solution. The reality is that these tactics had limited effectiveness once, but now, following an outdated approach to search engine optimization can actually hurt rather than help. To use search engines profitably you need to follow an organic, commonsense plan that requires steady investments of time and effort.

Gaining Search Visibility Doesn’t Have to Take Years

With that first point out of the way, it’s also worth mentioning that you don’t have to wait years for search engine optimization to pay off. In fact, it’s this belief that keeps some business owners pouring money into losing campaigns for much longer than they should. This is not what we want. 

Depending on the level of competition you’re up against, you might need to be somewhat patient before you can rank for high-traffic search terms in your industry. In the meantime, though, you can focus on local search, niche keyword combinations, or even paid search ads. Any of these can show tangible results in a matter of weeks.

Winning at SEO Pays Off in a Huge Way

While the first two sets of misunderstandings are prevalent, the thing we really need business owners to grasp is that succeeding at SEO can pay off in bigger ways than they imagined. A top Google ranking isn’t just another source of leads or phone calls. It’s a transformation in your bottom line.

Search engines have overtaken the Yellow Pages, local business directories, and even word-of-mouth advertising in the digital age. When you have a top spot, you get access to visits from qualified customers who are looking for your product or service at the exact moment they’ve gone online. If you can get to them before your competitors, your sales and marketing struggles might quickly become a thing of the past.

Is Your Current Approach to SEO Leaving You Short?

If it feels like your search engine optimization plan is based on tricks, or isn’t taking you where you need to be, then this is your perfect opportunity to make a change. At ArcStone, we’ve developed a reputation as one of Minneapolis’s most trusted online marketing teams because we help our clients to break out of old patterns and find creative, cost-effective solutions to their challenges.

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