We Have Work To Do

By Lisa Hirst Carnes | June 2020

George Floyd - Black Lives Matter

Dear Beloved Community,

The last week has been raw. 

The murder of George Floyd, the latest in a long string of people of color dying at the hands of those hired to protect and serve us, is tragic, unjust, and horrifying. 

We are heartbroken and angry. We send our love to the families, friends, and communities that are grieving. 

We’ve lived and worked in Minneapolis near 38th and Chicago Avenue South for over three decades. We love this city. We love this community. 

We hope everyone is safe and as well as can be expected after the chaos in our city. Minneapolis will be forever changed and we trust it will be in a positive way.

We, along with ArcStone, are committed to making meaningful change and dismantling the systemic racism that is the root of so much pain. We will hold ourselves accountable. We will hold our customers and vendors accountable. 

Pray with us that we can look back on this time and say that was when Minneapolis and our country turned it around.

But until our prayers work, we’ll use our money, our bodies, and our voices.

David and Lisa - ArcStone Managing Partners and Owners

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