Nonprofit Websites That Drive Their Mission Forward

By Ilia Jones | September 2021


Your website may be the first place a new potential donor interacts with your nonprofit organization. What kind of impression does it make?

As long as your website is functional, it can be hard to come up with the budget and resources to update it. But your website might be sending a message that you aren't even aware of. 

At ArcStone, we work with nonprofits to create beautiful, functional websites that represent their essence and reflect their mission. Here are a couple of examples of the award-winning web design you can expect when working with ArcStone. 

Red Canary Collective 

Red Canary Collective is "a creative, social change agency bringing people together to support social justice and environmental action." And they tell you who they are straight away, as this introduction is at the top of their homepage. There is no need to dig around and find the About Us page. They've put their identity front and center. 

Because Red Canary is a creative agency, you will find gorgeous photos, engaging professional videos, and an elegant website design that is consistent across their site. They are presenting the services they provide to others in every piece of media and on every page. 

What Red Canary Collective Gets Right

There are several things that Red Canary Collective's website does well:

  • The lead with who they are and introduce themselves immediately.
  • Their donation button is prominently displayed in their header and elsewhere across their site
  • They proudly lead with their mission. It's prominently displayed on their homepage. 
  • They have a newsletter signup on the footer of every page to grow their email list.
  • They have display social media icons to encourage new followers and make it easy to share their content.
  • They have kept their design simple and use excellent wayfinding elements to make it easy to navigate.

All of these elements add up to create a visually appealing, intuitive experience that inspires you to be informed and get involved in Red Canary Collective's mission. 

Children & Nature Network

Children & Nature Network believes that every child should have access to the outdoors, regardless of the systems of financial, social, or racial inequality operating against them. When introduced to Children & Nature Network via their homepage, you are greeted with a carousel of stunning images paired with snappy headlines highlighting their mission. 

Since their mission is all about getting outside, their website uses shades of green reflecting the colors of the forest. Interspersed generously throughout the website are photos of their events, programs and children exploring nature.  

What Children & Nature Network Gets Right

Children & Nature Network's website hits the mark in several ways:

  • They use photographs of children outdoors as social proof of the value they bring to people's lives. 
  • The verdant color scheme and herbaceous design elements bring the outdoors to you. 
  • There are several opportunities to sign up for their newsletter, donate or get involved. 
  • They provide clear navigation at the top and bottom of every page for easy wayfinding.
  • Their blog is filled with inspiring nature stories for people of all ages. 
  • Their donation page makes it fast and easy to donate and doesn't require more information than is needed. 

Children & Nature Network's website galvanizes visitors to get involved and get outdoors—and then makes it easy for them to do just that! Their website is guaranteed to make you want to find a little nature, no matter where you are. 

Inspired to Create an Award-winning Website of Your Own?

Let ArcStone help you design a custom website that showcases your mission and communicates exactly what your nonprofit organization stands for. Contact us to get started today. 



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