Creative Ways to Thank Your Nonprofit Donors

By Ilia Jones | September 2021


Your donors are what keep your nonprofit organization going, and, for that, they deserve sincere thanks. But what are you currently doing to show your appreciation? 

If you're ready to step beyond a quick thank you email or landing page, here are a few unique ideas that will make your donors how much you value them. 

Digital Thank Yous

Give Them A Social Media Shoutout

Publicly thanking your donors on social media can be a great way to highlight their contributions to your cause and explain how it has helped. It also works double-duty by helping you promote your organization and showing potential donors how much you appreciate your donor community. 

And, if your donor contributes under the name of their business, you're helping to promote a locally owned company. They will no doubt appreciate the free publicity. 

Add a Donor Spotlight Page to Your Website

Adding an area to your website that you can use to thank donors is a great way to make someone feel special. You can even interview them to find out a little more about how they came to work with your organization and the passions that fuel their contributions. 

This can also be used along with the social media shoutout to drive traffic back to your website. 

Send a Handwritten Note

Putting pen to paper to show your appreciation never goes out of style. Whether it's a thank you card or just a quick note, taking the time to write a brief message will brighten up their mailbox and bring a smile to their face.

Here are a few variations on the personal touch:

A Handwritten Holiday Card

Along the same lines as a thank you note, sending a handwritten card signed by your organization's employees can be just the thing to spread the holiday spirit. 

Let the People You Serve Say Thanks

Perhaps your organization serves families struggling with hunger or children in need of school supplies. Having the people who benefit from your cause write a thank you note can let your donors know that their donation fulfills its intention. 

Send a Small Token of Appreciation

Often, people committed to helping causes dear to their heart love to show their support on their sleeve (or lapel). 

A Button or Pin

Sending a button or pin that your donor can wear is an excellent way to show your gratitude and, hopefully, get some free marketing as well. A wearable pin with your organization's name on it can be a great conversation starter that could lead to growing your donor community. 


Stickers aren't just for kids! People love to use stickers to adorn their water bottles, notebook covers or even their laptops. These stickers can be a way to show off their interests and add personality to otherwise dull daily items. 

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are also great for helping get the word out about your cause and hopefully provide drivers with a bit of entertainment next time they're stuck in traffic. 

Wearable Thank You Gifts

Wearable gifts are great options to thank donors and volunteers. You can also create special pieces to celebrate events. 


Ok, we said jewelry, but we're not talking Cartier. A simple charm necklace, specially designed ring or even a silicone bracelet are great ways to say thank you. 


Who hasn't received a t-shirt to commemorate a fun run or other charity events? But, beyond t-shirts, there are several items of clothing that work great to thank your donors and promote your cause. Tank tops, sweatshirts, and hats, or even sunglasses, all make great wearable gifts. 

Share News and Progress 

Sharing news with your community is likely something you're already doing. But are you using those missives to say thank you as well?


You may think of your weekly or monthly newsletter as a part of your content marketing strategy to promote your organization. However, you can also use it to show how much you value your donors. Adding a section on your "Donor of the Month" acts as a public show of appreciation and helps to showcase your community. 

Annual Report

It's easy to look at your annual report as something you need to create to prove to your board of directors that you are moving the organization forward. But it's also filled with great material that people investing in your cause would love to see. Including a section on donations and top donors can take this from an internal-only document to something your donors would love to receive. 

In-Person Thanks

Now that we're no longer cowering at home (fingers crossed!), it's great to be able to offer in-person thank yous. 

Offer a Private Tour

Everyone loves a peek behind the scenes. Offer your donors a private tour so they can get to know you better and see all of the fantastic things you're doing for your cause. 

Donor or Volunteer Celebrations

If you really want your donors or volunteers to feel appreciated, throw a party in their honor! Not only will your donors have something to look forward to on their calendar, but they'll get to mix and mingle with other like-minded people. It can be a black-tie affair or a family-friendly day at the park. Either way, it's a day to celebrate the people who are the heart of your organization. 

Have These Ideas Got You Thinking?

These are just a few ideas to inspire you to find new ways to thank the people contributing to your organization. After all, when people feel appreciated, they're more likely to be generous in return. 

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