Case Study

West Central Initiative believes a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable world starts in West Central Minnesota.

Computer screens with WCI redesign website and hybrid event on screen.

West Central Initiative (WCI) serves west central Minnesota through funding, programs, and aid. They work with small business owners seeking to launch or expand, raise money, or bring an idea to life. WCI envisions a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable world where our planet is respected. The goal for its regional economy is to bolster vibrant and prosperous communities where all people feel welcome, appreciated, and connected.

Our Role

  • WordPress Website Redesign
  • Support & Hosting
  • Content Assistance
  • SEO Strategy 
  • Hybrid Events & Video

Sarah Casey

Director Of Strategic Communications

ArcStone’s guidance and expertise in planning and executing our organization’s first large-scale hybrid event was invaluable. We had goals and a vision. ArcStone helped us make it a reality. In fact, early in the planning process we watched a webinar ArcStone created about hybrid events. We used ArcStone's “down-to-the-minute” timeline guidance to create a clear plan for the night. ArcStone truly was a partner from beginning to end. Our guests, both in-person and online, felt the same level of engagement, interaction, and fun—which was our shared goal! It was a night to remember.

The Challenge:

West Central Initiative wanted an engaging site with dynamic features to best showcase its impact. Due to the nature of the organization, the website needed to accommodate donations, events, and news and be easy for the staff to update and maintain.

Screen capture of WCI's old website before the redesign with ArcStone.

Our Approach

We created a dynamic website powered by WordPress that accommodates all the content they need.

The website supports donations and events. It combines with hybrid events to keep its community updated and engaged.

All areas of the website are easy to maintain, allowing the staff to keep everything up-to-date.

Screen capture of WCI website impact section.
Screen capture of WCI website impact section.
Screen capture of WCI full hybrid event.

Reviewing the Results

The new website is clean, easy to navigate, and user-friendly.

The website plays a large role in supporting the mission of the organization. Because users may not be familiar with the organization or its purpose, the new site helps to increase exposure and showcase its impact.

The new site's ability to include hybrid events has led to huge success.


120% Increase

The engaging design and content has increased average time on page by over 120%.


35% Increase

The new site has attracted 35% more visitors than the previous year.


34% Increase

The website has seen a 34% increase in new visitors.