Case Study

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association needed a partner to help with everything from design, content, marketing automation and print.


With more than 6,500 members, MCGA is one of the largest grassroots farm organizations in the United States. In partnership with the Minnesota Corn Research Promotion Council, MCGA identifies and promotes opportunities for Minnesota’s 24,000 corn farmers while building connections with the non-farming public.

MCGA is the leader in corn farmer advocacy and leverages its digital presence to support its members with resources.

Our Role

  • WordPress Website Redesign
  • Support & Hosting
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Assistance
  • SEO Strategy 
  • Marketing Automation
  • Print Design

The Challenge:

For the staff at MCGA to stay in front of their members, they needed a robust content management system (CMS). They needed something that their small staff could handle, but also wanted a striking, media-rich site.

Along with a great CMS, they needed a CRM system with automation capabilities that could integrate into the new site. The CMS needed to support email campaigns, landing page building and contact management.


Our Approach

We built a WordPress site that's easy to update and has the bandwidth to support many different areas. The new site allows MCGA to build media-rich pages for campaigns and add daily news updates.

We integrated the WordPress site with HubSpot to give MCGA seamless management of their marketing efforts. They use HubSpot to manage pop-ups, forms, and email campaigns. MCGA has industry-leading metrics for their email outreach campaigns.

Screen capture of HubSpot landing page builder.
Screen capture of HubSpot email campaign performance.

Reviewing the Results

MCGA leverages both the new WordPress website and HubSpot to create feature-rich content. These pages have resulted in increased engagement metrics.

By integrating HubSpot, MCGA has increased the number of email contacts in their database. They've run outreach campaigns that have resulted in some of the best metrics in the industry. With the measurement tools available in HubSpot, they can easily track the effectiveness of each campaign.


200k+ 26%

MCGA averages over 200,000 emails sent per year through HubSpot with an industry leading open rate of 26%.



Since launching HubSpot, MCGA has added over 1,900 new contacts to the CRM through form submissions alone.


41% Increase

Total traffic coming from new users increased by 41%, giving MCGA a boost in online visibility.