Genoa Healthcare (formerly Genoa QoL) is the largest provider of pharmacy, outpatient telepsychiatry and medication management services. When Genoa first engaged with ArcStone, their website was not representative of the breadth of services they offer and did not serve both internal and external audiences. The website was also using a CMS (Concrete5) that was difficult to manage and update.


  • Marketing
  • UX Design
  • WordPress Development

The Genoa Marketing and Communications Team

“Genoa Healthcare’s old website was difficult to navigate for our partners, consumers, and employees. Accessing essential information, such as learning more about our services and finding the contact us form, was more difficult than it should have been. ArcStone’s work helped transform and modernize our website making it warm, friendly, and cohesive. The results speak for themselves. Compared to February through April of last year, we noticed 575% increase in customer inquiries and 80% increase in sales leads.”

Genoa Healthcare website on iMac

Key tactics and features that generated 80% more sales leads

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Genoa Website on multiple devices, and map functionality

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