WordPress Case Study: Audience and Conversion Driven Design

By Jenna Christensen | January 2016

Masonic Charities partnered with ArcStone to build a web platform for a large event center. The catch being that the center had not been built yet. Nearly one year later, the new Masonic Heritage Center is still under construction, but the new website is in place to generate interest and inform the general public of what's to come.

The Heritage Center will serve several purposes - including as an event center, museum and theatre. Each of those purposes has several different audiences, so the focus from the beginning was to ensure that the content and design led users to action.

To ensure this was done, we started by mapping out a potential user flow for each audience. An example user flow for an event planner may be:

-- Enter site by searching for Bloomington Event Venues --

-- Visit Lodge page -- 

-- View floorplan --

-- Action: Fill out contact form --

The end result of our user flow is a custom WordPress build with targeted user paths: the goal of the site is that the visitor will act - donate, volunteer, download, sign up, contact and more. The site will continue to evolve as the grand opening approaches.




Love the design of masonicheritagecenter.org or interested in how we map out user flows? Contact our team today for a free consultation. 

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