Why is David Carnes, CEO of ArcStone, Sleeping Outside in Downtown Minneapolis?

By David Carnes | September 2015

Hi ArcStone Friend,

This is an issue that has touched my family personally.

I have two teenaged sons that love to play basketball at our neighborhood park in Uptown.

Sadly, several of the kids they’ve met at the park have been pushed out of their homes to fend for themselves on the street.

It has happened twice within the last six months. First with a thirteen year-old who, with tears in his eyes, begged me to “let him sleep over” because he was locked out and couldn’t reach his mom. Most recently with a fifteen year-old who got in an argument with his parents and got kicked out of his house. He had nowhere to go and showed up at our door at 11:30 PM.

This is obviously a horrible risk for these kids - so many bad things can happen, from abuse to drugs to crime.

This is why we’d like to draw your attention to Youthlink, a nonprofit that works to help homeless youth.  We first got to know them when we were asked to redesign their website. As we learned more about them and their mission, we saw the great work they were doing in the community and decided to participate last year in their executive sleep-out. My wife Lisa Hirst Carnes, Youa Vang, and Jenna Christensen represented ArcStone at the sleep out event in 2014.

I want to help them and I’d like to ask for your help as well.

First, if you’d like to and are free next Sunday night, you’re cordially invited to join our team. Please email me and we’ll hook you up!

If you feel moved to support Youthlink financially, please visit our team sponsorship page and make a donation.


We very much appreciate any support you can give.

Thank you for your consideration,