Why Crash Courses? Our Commitment to Teaching and Learning

By Lisa Hirst Carnes | April 2018

Teaching has always been at our roots.

In the early days of ArcStone, David and I logged hundreds of hours developing and training teams on how to build and update websites, use and implement their custom applications, digital marketing, and more. It was an integral part of our business.

People often arrived at the training sessions feeling overwhelmed and unsure. They didn’t think they could “get” technology. A short time later, they left feeling more capable. It was really great to see that transformation. Whether it was a light bulb moment or an individual simply feeling more confident about technology and the web, I really enjoyed being part of that process.

Some agencies seem to believe that training will result in losing business. If we teach them to do what we do, will they still need us? We don’t subscribe to this philosophy. There’s always more to learn, especially at the fast pace our industry moves. Our clients often describe their frustrations with past agencies because they felt out of the loop.

We believe that being a good partner, means educating our clients so they understand our advice and recommendations. That’s why we’ve committed to teaching and learning as its own discipline.

It’s our hope that our workshops and training sessions put people at ease with new ideas and technologies and that we create a comfortable environment that inspires learning.

Last month, we held our first official Crash Course on Content Marketing and we have three more scheduled. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop. We’d love to see you at our next Crash Course!


Topics: Inside ArcStone, Digital, Digital Marketing