Digital Marketing Trends to Expect In 2020

By Ilia Jones | January 2020


The rules of the digital marketing game are always evolving in reaction to changes in technology and consumer behavior. Getting your message out there is all about identifying and leveraging the most relevant methods. As we head into 2020, prepare to drive business growth in the new year by paying attention to these emerging marketing trends.

Utilize Personalization

One of the big developments in the growth of AI is being able to collect rich data about the interests and preferences of your customers. Generic marketing campaigns have limited impact as consumers get used to a more personalized approach. Take advantage of this trend by segmenting your email lists by category and tailoring all your communications. AI can also deliver customized product recommendations and suggested content.

Optimizing For Voice Search

The popularity of digital assistants, like Siri and Alexa, is poised to reshape the SEO landscape. Marketing experts predict that voice search use will explode in 2020 as the technology improves and becomes better at delivering relevant results. Research shows that voice searches are much more conversational than typed searches. Taking advantage of this trend will include gearing content for longer phrases that reflect direct, spoken searches.

Incorporate Chatbots

Another technology improving enough to become widely used is chatbot-provided customer support. This tool is becoming a convenient and reliable method of giving customers quick information, product recommendations, and simple troubleshooting. Along with providing a better user experience, chatbots also collect incredibly useful information that can help you fine-tune your business.


Produce Video Content

High-quality videos are, increasingly, one of the most effective ways to increase sales and boost social media engagement. Many consumers, especially the younger generations, prefer this format for learning more about a product or service. All the major social media platforms have a "Stories" function that is ideal for a short, high-impact video up for a limited time. Stories have a sense of urgency that can drive interest and give your message wider distribution. Videos can also enhance your website with useful product demos, live-streamed special events, or behind-the-scenes content.

To grow in 2020, connect with your customers by utilizing the best tools in the digital space. Contact us to learn how our marketing experts can help guide your business with effective strategies for the new year.  

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