Weaving Self-Care Into Your Workday

By Ilia Jones | April 2021


In the chaos of the typical workday, it can be tough to squeeze in an extra minute. But, over time, the stress can start to wear on you, especially if you aren’t setting time aside to take care of yourself.

Getting enough sleep, eating well, and remaining physically active are all important to a healthy mind and body. But how can you work in an hour-long yoga class when you barely have time to breathe? The good news is, there are little things you can do throughout the day to take care of yourself.

Start the Day Off Right

Morning is the best time to schedule those all-so-important self-care exercises. Whether it’s meditation or just sitting on your back porch with a good cup of coffee, the key is to kick the day off right. It may mean waking up a little earlier, but it will be well worth it if it makes you more productive throughout the day.

Practice Quick Meditations

Meditation breaks throughout the day can help reduce stress, increase your patience, and unlock your creativity. But it can be tough to find time. One common misconception about meditation is that you have to set aside a half an hour or more per session. Meditation is about quieting your mind and centering yourself in the present. There are one-minute meditations you can do throughout the day that will help ease your stress.


Keep It Moving

For many of today’s workers, getting things done means sitting at a desk all day. All this sitting can be hazardous to your health. A little movement throughout the day can help counteract some of that damage and keep you feeling energized and alert. Simply getting up and moving around or taking a walk around the block can help. There are even desk exercises you can do that will keep you active without taking time away from work.

Take Time Out to Socialize

All that time at the watercooler serves an important purpose. The casual chitchat you share with coworkers is good for your mental health. If you work from home, stay in touch with your workers in other ways. Once it’s safe to do so again, consider meeting friends or colleagues for lunch just to get that dose of social interaction your mind craves.


Plan to Eat Well

When you’re on the go, it can be tempting to make a quick run through a drive-thru rather than stopping to eat a full-course meal. But a little planning can go a long way. Buy healthy, easy-to-grab snacks like baby carrots when you’re shopping and prep some lunches on the weekend that you can just grab each morning. If you have to rely on fast food, switch cheeseburgers for grilled chicken and opt for sides like fruit or yogurt when they’re available.

A healthy mind and body is key to staying productive. But, more importantly, it could extend your life. Arcstone regularly hosts events to help clients and employees destress and boost their mental health. To learn more about our online sessions, check out our schedule of online events.



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