Twitter Announces Moments: A Review of the Newest Feature

By Chloe Mark | October 2015

Twitter announced yesterday that in the next few weeks they will roll out Moments as their latest feature, allowing users to get a quick view of what's happening around the world according to Twitter's most trending tweets. Let's walk through what this all means...


Now Twitter users can easily view the most trending stories of the day, through multiple media forms. In an article on Marketing Land, Greg Finn states that instead of searching through hashtags, Moments will bring up the most popular tweets by topic.

As a Twitter Spokesperson concluded, in another Marketing Land article,

“Moments is entirely focused on helping people find and digest great content and stories, on any topic. This experience reflects many of the same fundamental attributes that make Twitter so powerful for marketers today — reaching an audience of people who are in a mindset to discover new information, ideas, and stories. With the immersive media canvas within Moments, we believe there will be many opportunities for brands to integrate content and stories in the future.”

This feature aligns with what tweeters crave when they come to their account -- to not only see what's happening right now according to who they follow, but also to be on top of what's happening globally. 

How does it work?

  • Click on the lightning bolt icon on your Twitter browser, bringing you to the day's "happenings"
  • Swipe through the most popular articles and events of the moment - they'll be introduced with a title and description
  • Scroll through a range of media types (GIFs, images, video or Vines)
  • Note the progress bar at the bottom, showing you how much more of the story is left
  • Choose from a list of topics to review moments of the past few days
  • If you like a specific Tweet, tap to favorite or Retweet it
  • Swipe up or down to get out of the moment and back to the guide
  • Share or comment on a moment at the end of it

In their guidelines, Twitter adds the caviat, "We will select Moments based on what is happening on Twitter, or create Moments based on Twitter content featured across media outlets". They will avoid bias and solely promote moments based on relevance. 

To find out more on how to take advantage of this feature, contact ArcStone today.

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