Tuesday Tip: Use influencer marketing to grow your traffic

By Chloe Mark | October 2016

For the most part, people trust what other people say, over what a company says. When you're looking to find the best price on an expensive new item on the market, you don't just listen to one ad on the TV; you likely review the prices and customer reviews online and ask your friends what they think. We prefer the unbiased 3rd party view, like that of an influencer.

ArcStone's blog posts have talked about this tendency in the past, but it becomes all the more apparent when we look at the success of influencer marketing. According to Jeff Bullas, "it's growth is faster than that of organic search" (jeffbullas.com). Tuesday Tip: Use influencer marketing to grow your web traffic.Copy_of_Tuesday_Tidbit_2-2.png

Jeff Bullas writes an excellent article, "How to Use Influencer Marketing to Boost Your Traffic and Conversions," that breaks down this process of getting in front of influencers. Be sure to read it, but I pulled out a few highlights for a quick read below.

1. Know your audience, then find their influencers

Rather than spending your time and budget on buying ads and studying AdWords, spend time studying what your audience is doing and reading online and uncover who they follow and listen to. Spend your time establishing a relationship with those influencers.

2. Build up content influencers want to share

Study those influencers' social networks and build out your content to match what they share. What can your company add to the conversation? Eventually, when you find that you are answering a question or have something meaningful to contribute, reach out to your influencers and ask them share your article. 

3. Keep record of these efforts

Influencer marketing can get messy when you don't track who you've targeted and what you've tried that has and hasn't worked. Be sure to record how this works for you and your team.

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