Tuesday Tip: Make sure your site is accessible (and don't get sued!)

By Chloe Mark | March 2017

These days when you walk into a multi-story building, you expect an elevator. Similarly, you expect sidewalks to have ramps. If you've ever helped your grandma with their wheelchair or have been in one yourself, you especially notice such expectations. Many of us don't realize, the same expectations exist for websites. Actually, they are mandated by the law. If your site is caught and doesn't pass accessibility standards, you could get into big trouble (even a lawsuit). Do you consider how someone would navigate your site if they were visually impaired, couldn't use their hands or couldn't hear?

Tuesday Tip: Learn about web accessibility and test your site!


If you're having trouble thinking about the gravity of this issue, let's go back to the '60's. Before 1961, accessible buildings weren't mandatory. That means people without the ability to walk up steps were stuck at home. All the more alarming, it wasn't until 1990 that the Americans with Disabilities Act was implemented to ensure equal rights to those with a disability. Now that we're used to such standards, it's surprising they didn't exist before, right?

Seeing as 53 million adults in the U.S. have a disability, we have similar situation where many of your users might not be able to use your site. The laws protecting them exist, but we all have to take action to meet the standards. Just imagine how we'll look back at inaccessible websites someday in the same way we do other inequality issues.

In short, our team wants to help you help your users. We decided to organize a free event at ArcStone Wednesday March 22nd from 3-5pm.

This even will include panelists to help inform us all about this matter: one helps teach about accessible sites, two work at Accessibile 360 to build sites and technology that meet (and go above) standards, and two are from FMJ law, where they've worked on lawsuits involving this matter. 

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If you can't attend the event, we encourage you to at least check out some resources we've compiled. Uncover how web accessibility affects you, learn how to test your site and find out what your next steps should be

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