Tuesday Tip: Get on the Facebook live game

By Chloe Mark | October 2016

It's hardly Halloween and we're already looking to 2017! However if you haven't worked out a content marketing plan that involves Facebook Live, this forecast might be good for you to review. Read about the importance of utilizing this tool and how to get started in this week's Tuesday Tip!


If you're like me, you heard of yet another Facebook feature and you thought, "do I really need to study this? They're trying new things all the time." Well, a wake up call is coming your way:

"If you aren’t convinced that Facebook Live is going to have an impact on digital marketing in 2017, the fact that this new product exists underscores just how important video has become to the social media behemoth. Facebook knows that its customers watch 100 million hours of video — every single day." – Vivial

Turns out this Facebook feature is important, and is growing by the minute. Another tangible piece of evidence, check out the CTA placement on a Facebook Newsfeed:

Moreover, Vivial's 2017 Digital Marketing Trends report places Facebook Live as one of its five major trends to prepare for this upcoming year. Read more about the report here

So how do you get started with Facebook Live?

Social Media Examiner has a stellar article on getting yourself set up with Facebook Live on any budget. 

1. The selfie mode = free

Although it's not the most professional way to portray yourself, Social Media Examiner (and others) assert it's okay to have this setup. It even can help your audience see a more personal side of your company so perhaps the cheaper route would be okay. They offer a few pointers – like which mode to shoot in – for helping this not look to elementary.

2. Mobile phone setup = $150-$300

There are certain products that aren't too expensive and can vastly improve your video quality, keeping people coming back instead of turning the video off right away. This includes pieces like an external microphone and a grip that helps stabilize the camera. 

3. A desktop broadcast = Free-$600

This is an option if you want to craft your video with more features – graphics, a pre-recorded video, or a special guest sitting next to you. Since desktop video is not part of Facebook Live, you may have to purchase additional software.

4. A dedicated studio setup = $3,000-$30,000

If you're debating having a weekly show and having this be a major part of your marketing strategy, invest in the real deal. Learn more about the two companies Social Media Examiner recommends. 

If you need help getting started with video or crafting a better social media strategy, be in touch with our digital strategists at ArcStone!

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