Tuesday Tidbit: What is a display campaign, and when would I use one?

By Joli Skow | June 2016

If you're not super familiar with paid campaigns, the thought of them probably makes you feel overwhelmed. I know that's how I felt, before I learned about them! Luckily, you have us Google Partners here at ArcStone to help you out :] Anyway, let's take a quick look at display campaigns. What are they and when would you use them?
A Display campaign is a paid Google campaign that runs through your AdWords account. It's called "Display" because, unlike regular search ads that show up in Google's search results, your ads will be displayed on a network of websites in designated ad spots. You get to design great image ads, and have them show up in front of people who are interested in relevant topics.
For instance, let's take a look at what happens when I browse local news. I open my local news website, and there I'm getting served a display ad for the Minnesota Twins.
The Twins are probably running display ads targeting Minnesotans and Minnesota websites. By running a display campaign, they're piquing my interest and grabbing my attention with this super fun ad that features a bobblehead.
Makes sense, right? So, let's say you sell cameras. A display campaign would be the perfect way to put an eye-catching ad in front of people who are interested in photography. For instance, I just went to American Photo Magazine's website, and there I'm being served ads for Tamron:
When you run a display campaign, you can choose sites for your ads to appear by topic and audience, and even look through all of the possible sites and choose the ones where you'd like your ad to run. This makes it an awesome way to target a really relevant audience! Plus, display ads are often less expensive per click than regular search ads.
Ready to run a display campaign? Our Google AdWords Certified marketers are ready to help!

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