Tuesday Tidbit: Quit Being Stressed Out & Get Organized

By Joli Skow | May 2016

Working in a techie industry, I and my fellow ArcStonians tend to get excited (and geeked out) over new apps and tools that can make our lives easier, better, or more fun. So, when I came across an article this week called "28 Online Tools to Help You Decrease Stress," I was immediately interested.tuesday-tidbit-arcstone-get-organized

I would classify myself as "fairly organized." I'm pretty good at keeping my act together and not losing track of to-dos or misplacing notes, but there are still some aspects of my work and home life that could always use a little help. I found several in the lists I already use (but could be using better because the tools do more than I'm using them for), and some that I'm excited to try out!

So, although this tidbit isn't inherently marketing related, some of these apps and tools could definitely help you become a better, more organized marketer. Without further ado, here's the article: 28 Online Tools to Help You Decrease Stress on SearchEngineJournal.com

Topics: Tips and Tricks, Design and Technology

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