Tuesday Tidbit: How My Bullet Journal Made Life Way More Awesome

By Joli Skow | May 2016

Happy gorgeous Tuesday from Minneapolis! This week’s tidbit isn’t inherently marketing related, but it can definitely help you get stuff done; personal stuff, family stuff, marketing stuff...all stuffs. I recently discovered a way to organize myself and my increasingly busy life that has helped quite a bit, so today I’m going to share my secret with you!


It’s called (insert drum roll here…) bullet journaling.

At work, I keep a notebook where I lay out the day’s to-dos and check them off as I go. It’s not too complicated, and it works! For everything else outside of work, though, I wasn’t really writing things down. Because of this, I found myself putting important things off, floundering around in my free time wondering what I should work on next (and then choosing something dumb like lying around and watching Netflix), and often forgetting things. Then, I discovered bullet journaling, and my life became much more organized, and much less complicated.

I may not have kids just yet, but in addition to my career here at ArcStone, I’m a new-ish homeowner with a couple projects in flight, I run a book blog in my free time, and I volunteer as Communications Coordinator with the Hopkins Raspberry Festival. Keeping all of these things going while also scheduling friend time, giving myself necessary down time, and squeezing in some exercise was...well...difficult.

Enter the bullet journal. A bullet journal is basically a way to keep track of everything you’d want to keep track of in one place. The basic premise is that you have three main sections: Future Log, Monthly Log, and Daily Log. You use a system of different bullet points to indicate that something is finished, something is an event, or something is an idea.

On top of those three sections, you use what are called “collections” to keep track of anything else that’s meaningful to you. This could be a calendar of birthdays, a list of books you’ve read this year, a habit tracker, a gratitude log, an “around the house” wishlist/to-do list, a meal planning calendar...anything you want!

After you’ve got it set up, you’ve basically got the ultimate, personalized planner. So far, my bullet journal has helped me get quite a lot done, and I’m loving it! So, I thought I’d share it with you. While I don’t use mine for work, it would do wonders there, too.

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