Three Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Website Tomorrow

By Jenna Christensen | September 2015

Many companies let their website sit between redesigns or fail to make improvements. It can feel overwhelming and time-consuming to make changes, especially without technical chops. But what if you could do one thing right now that would improve your website tomorrow? Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

I. Install heat-mapping software on key pages 

Use Crazy Egg or SumoMe heat mapping software to gain insights on how users are using your site. Choose highly trafficked pages such as your homepage or one of your most popular product pages. Even just running the software for one day will help inform what design updates are needed or help you plan for your next website redesign. Don't make assumptions about how visitors use your website when there is real data to be collected.

*For both Crazy Egg and SumoMe, you may need your developer to install code. It would just take them a minute or two.

2. Grow your email list with free tools

You are already attracting site visitors, so why not capture more of their emails while they are there? SumoMe offers tools to help you grow that stagnant email list or keep visitors on your site longer. In just a few minutes time, you can have modal windows or scroll boxes installed on your site. We installed the List Builder widget on (see below) and had several email subscribes in just a few days. 

The SumoMe tools are free to install and run. If you find them to be working, you can pay for more features such as A/B testing, behavior parameters and custom design. 

Have a WordPress website? We have been doing a bit of research on LeadIn, a free WordPress plug-in built by HubSpot. It takes the email capturing to another level by building a personal profile for every lead, providing valuable information to your sales and marketing teams. We are just starting to test it out and will know soon whether it is a worthwhile install.

3. Call your favorite customer

When was the last time you spoke to a customer and asked how they use your website? For most companies, never. Lately, our marketing team has been conducting a lot of audience interviews on behalf of our clients and we've been surprised every time by the feedback. We've heard everything from, 'I've actually never been to the website before' to 'I would really love this feature'. Call your favorite customer and ask if they'd mind providing a bit of feedback. I think you'll be surprised by the insights they provide.

If you are thinking about a website redesign or making significant updates, it is important to do some research. Install heat maps, review past analytics, audit your content and conduct audience interviews. In fact, a content and usability blueprint is something we do for many of our clients. If this interests you, contact us or download the website redesign ebook below to help get you started. 

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