Target Your Highest-Value Audience with Google's New Customer Match

By Lisa Hirst Carnes | September 2015

Earlier this week, Sridhar Ramaswamy, SVP of Advertising & Commerce at Google made an announcement that could impact digital advertising as we know it. customer-match-google

The Advertising Week XII website, currently going on in NYC, teased that a big announcement from Google was going to be revealed at the conference.

Enhanced campaigns, rolled out in 2013 by Google, help advertisers reach people with the right ads - based on device type, location, time of day - in one integrated campaign. Now they've gone a step further with Customer Match.

Customer Match allows advertisers to advertise to their highest-value audience. Advertisers will be able to upload a list of email addresses (through the API or manually) and specifically target those users on Google Search, Gmail or YouTube. According to Google, your list matches you up with signed-in users in a secure, privacy-safe way. 

Let's say you run a nonprofit and like most nonprofits, December is a critical month for fundraising. You can reach people who have subscribed to your newsletter and show them relevant ads when they're looking for year-end donation or tax information. This means that your ads will show when that audience is closer to making a decision. 

Customer Match also lets you generate similar audiences that you can market to on Gmail and YouTube.

We all know that it's critical to reach your audience where they are online and when they are ready to make a decision. Customer Match allows you to do just that. 

Customer Match will be rolling out to advertisers over the next few weeks.

Topics: Business Tips, Marketing Strategy