5 Compelling Reasons to Supplement Your Marketing Team with an Agency

By Lisa Hirst Carnes | September 2019

Your marketing team likely does a great job. No matter what size your team, though, there are times when you could benefit from a little extra help. By partnering with an outside agency, you can boost your business’s performance while also helping your own employees.


But how do you outsource some of your marketing work without offending the professionals you have on payroll? The key is to emphasize the many ways the partnership will benefit them, as well as stressing that the agency is a supplement to their hard work, not a replacement. Here are a few instances where a partnership with a marketing team can help your business.

Expand Your Offerings

No matter how talented your team is, there’s a limit to their skills and experience. An agency can bring in specialized skills, particularly if they have specialized skills like video production,  You may even be able to use your partner agency as mentors who can work alongside your team to teach them to work with a new technology or provide an innovative service.

Cover a New Region

Setting up a satellite office can be a great way to expand your business. But it can get expensive to have your marketing team travel to meet with clients in the new location. A local marketing agency can help bridge the gap as your leadership team begins to line up clients in the new city. A local marketing agency can also come in handy if you’re organizing an event like a conference in an unfamiliar city.

Have an Objective Viewpoint

Your marketing team has probably worked within your environment for a while, which may mean falling victim to internal politics. An outside agency brings an unbiased perspective to your projects and the clients you work with, along with fresh ideas. Some of your leadership team may also take the advice of an external agency more seriously than its own employees. You can find ways to use this unfair bias to your advantage.

marketingteamagency-09Temporarily Scale Your Workforce

There are times when “all hands on deck” still leaves you shorthanded. If you have a big event, for instance, or you’re trying to land a huge new client, you may need extra help without the full commitment of adding people to payroll. A partner agency allows you to temporarily scale your team as needed, then return to business as usual once you’re finished.

Save Money

If sending work to an agency saves you from hiring even one additional employee, you’ll save money. In addition to the salary you’ll save, there’s also benefits, as well as the paid sick and vacation time you won’t have to provide an agency. Plus, you can give your team the relief they need when things get busy without having to go through the arduous process of recruiting, interviewing, and training a new employee.

A good partnership with a marketing agency can help your own business move to the next level. When handled properly, outside professionals will serve as a support for your own capable team, helping them focus on growing in their roles. Click here for more tips that can help with your business’s marketing efforts.

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