On-Page Optimization Increases Ecommerce Store's Organic Traffic by 71% in 3 Months

By Joli Skow | February 2015

When a small store in Minnetonka, MN needed a big web presence for their online store, they came to the ArcStone marketing team with a need for, among other things, a solid on-page SEO strategy.

Gunstop sells reloading supplies online, and they have a large number of products in many categories. To increase organic visibility and click-through rates, we started by crafting compelling page titles and meta descriptions that would stand out in organic listings.

ArcStone also made other on-page improvements, such as optimizing brand pages and adding footer links to most popular items.Screen_Shot_2015-02-19_at_12.46.27_PM

We immediately noticed an increase in organic traffic once we started hand-crafting the titles and descriptions. 

In fact, organic traffic increased 71% in 3 months!

Now that major site pages have been optimized, a content strategy can be implemented to continue expanding organic reach by bringing in qualified traffic through more long tail keywords, social networks and other relevant websites.

Topics: Case Studies, Digital Marketing

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