My Favorite Videos of 2019

By Nicholas Longtin | January 2020

2019 was an amazing year for video production at ArcStone. Many of my favorite clients embarked on ambitious video projects and were willing to take a few risks to produce truly original content.

I’m extremely grateful for the trust my clients have given ArcStone’s production team to create forward-looking and effective video marketing content. Keep reading to see a small sampling of 2019’s videos.


Meet George, Embossing Plus’s Furry Ambassador




Everyone loves a cute dog. While cats may have dominated the early days of viral web videos, it’s now dog’s time to shine. Embossing Plus added lamination services to their product offerings so I enlisted George the Corgi to help promote these new services.


A 100-Year Legacy



It’s a pretty special time when one of your clients hits 100 years of service. Minnesota Masonic Home came to us for help producing a retrospective video of their first 100 years of operation. We combined historical photos, a voice over from the president, and impressive drone footage to produce a moving video that pays tribute to an incredible legacy of service.


Your Robotic Accounting Team



Account SAS product marketing can get pretty dry, so I was very excited when Centreviews approached us to help create characters around their product’s major features. ArcStone designed a team of helpful robots to convey the product’s incredible features and produced a short animated video that brings these helpful little bots to life.


A Very Special Place to Be



The Marsh offers a very diverse set of fitness and spa services all built around their incredible space. From relaxing aquatic bodywork to high-intensity group classes, The Marsh has something for everyone. While photos and blog posts are an essential part of their content marketing mix, nothing shows off their unique approach to fitness like video.

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