Minnesota Nonprofits Helping to Support Our Communities

By Ilia Jones | October 2021


Local Minneapolis Nonprofits truly have a special place in our hearts. The ArcStone team is made up of passionate individuals who believe in social and political change. We love working with and supporting nonprofits in Minneapolis because these are the folks at the ground level making lasting change. Check out the following Minneapolis nonprofits helping to support our community. 


ROC-MN advocates for working conditions, wages, and more for communities in Minnesota. They most recently were an integral part of winning back wages, overtime, and damages for restaurant workers here in Minneapolis. Their work empowers restaurant workers and helps to keep the industry fair. Check out their incredible work here

We Love Lake Street

This local nonprofit supports the Uptown community through donations to local businesses and community organizations. After the killing of George Floyd, the local businesses along Lake street and beyond suffered immensely because of the uprising. The current pandemic has also had a big impact on our local businesses. We Love Lake Street has provided $5.5 million to local businesses to help them rebuild and recover. 

Capri Theater

The Capri Theater is a local landmark that has been a pillar of the North Minneapolis community for years. The Capri is owned by a community-based nonprofit dedicated to education, arts, and youth programming for the families of the North Minneapolis community. They just celebrated their re-launch! Check out their upcoming events here. 

People Serving People

People Serving People provides emergency shelter for Minnesota families experiencing homelessness. They are a dedicated leader in homelessness prevention and are the largest and most comprehensive emergency shelter in Minnesota.

There are over 3500 children in Minnesota experiencing homelessness, People Serving People provides the opportunity to break the cycle of homelessness through their programs and services. 

There are so many incredible nonprofits that serve our Minneapolis and Minnesota communities. This is just a shortlist of some of the local Minneapolis nonprofits that inspire us. We love working with Minnesota nonprofits, if you want to learn more about the work we do with local nonprofits, check out some of our work here

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