Latest AdWords Update – A Summary of Google's Announcement

By Chloe Mark | March 2016

Don't worry, you didn't miss anything yet! Google announced Monday that through 2016-2017 they are working through a complete revamp of the AdWords interface. We thought we'd walk you through the biggest pieces to look out for as you continue working with AdWords, before the changes actually roll out.


1) Why the Google AdWords update?

Google's reasoning for undergoing this process is largely due to the huge switch to mobile over the last few years. With this shift from a desktop to a small screen, users have a lot more "short bursts of digital activity throughout the day," (AdWords Blog) which means...

A) people are visiting more websites per session

B) they are watching more videos

C) they are using several devices every day

Keeping these points in mind, users' expectations for ads have gone up. They expect the most useful information and an easy way to navigate to more details from the ad. Google recognizes this puts more pressure on marketers, and the update seeks to alleviate that a bit. 

2) What do these AdWords updates actually look like?

After taking in feedback from their users, Google came up with the following changes:

A) Basing an account on business goals: "AdWords should be more about your business, and less about our product." They want your entire experience to be centered on your businesses' goals as a whole rather than specific ads. 

B) Improving analytics: "You want the data you care about at your fingertips." Basically they want to make your data more accessible visually. Part of this would mean more customizable analytics showing you exactly what you care about most, right when you enter your account. 

C) Improving workflows: "At the end of the day, you need simple yet powerful tools that help you do more in less time." They are seeking to better prioritize your tasks and workflows based on what matters most to your campaign. 

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