International Women's Day: The Women Who Inspire Us

By Ilia Jones | March 2020

internationalwomensday-08March 8th marks a very important and very socially relevant day this year, International Women's Day. This entire month is designated as Women's History Month to honor the contribution of women in American history.    

Well we wanted in on this important reflection.  So today, we ask ArcStonians about the women in history, or in their own lives that have inspired, changed, or simply existed in a way that affected them.  


The Women Who Inspire ArcStonians  


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Inspires ArcStone COO, Lisa Hirst-Carnes 


If there’s a woman in the world who exemplifies the term, “badass”, it’s Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  And at almost 87 years old and living with multiple bouts with cancer, she’s as determined as ever. Not only is RBG a Supreme Court Justice badass, she met her husband Martin when she was only 17, was in a marriage for over 55 years, and raised two children. To me, her dogged determination to fight for gender equality and women’s rights is unparalleled. As an American woman, I am eternally grateful for RBG’s wisdom, intellect, and perseverance.


Ilia Jones Gets inspiration from her incredible female friends 

ilia1-1I am lucky enough to be surrounded by incredibly strong and incredibly inspiring women.  My female friends are driven, confident, and honest in a world where it's easier to omit or take the passive-aggressive route to avoid feeling uncomfortable. 

The women in my life have gone back to school in their late 20's while working full-time jobs, they've purchased real estate on their own, and they boldly exist as self-proclaimed feminists when some people want to make that a four-letter word.  They have held me up when I'm down, and they've been incredibly supportive of all of my endeavors. I have learned patience, grace, and so much more from my female friends and I am grateful for them every single day.  


Recent Arcstonian, olivia diercks is empowered by a Climate Change Powerhouse

IMG_8334-1Greta Thunberg is a woman who truly inspires me. In this day and age it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the complexity of the world’s numerous problems and how you, as one, seemingly insignificant person, can make a difference.

What this 17 year old woman has taught me is that no action -- however small -- should be underestimated. Her persistence and passion in her “School Strike for Climate” has sparked an international movement to hold countries and corporations accountable for their actions, and to empower individuals to recognize the role they can and should play in climate action. Greta Thunberg has reminded us that we are each other’s keepers, and we are all responsible for how we treat our one, sacred planet.


Signe steiner finds support and inspiration from the women in her family  

P1066424I have been surrounded by a tribe of strong, creative, intelligent, empathetic and fearless women my entire life. I am the oldest of four girls. The love and support from my grandmother, mother, and sisters have felt like a force field protecting and propelling me throughout my journey in life. We have always been there to empower and support the brainchild of all the women around us, no matter how big or small, our sisterhood was always ready to get behind that opportunity.

Each and every one of these women have inspired me to explore the people and cultures of our world with an open heart and mind. Without these women, I would not be the woman I am today. I am so grateful for their presence in my life.

We are a tribe. We are a sisterhood. We are powerful. 


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