How to produce a nonprofit video (and make it last)

By Chloe Mark | May 2017

This past week our digital strategist, Jenna, and video producer, Nick, attended the Practical Content Marketing for Nonprofits AMA event. They were excited by all the ideas shared between local nonprofits and marketers so in case you missed it, they wanted to share a few with you. One such idea: How you can produce an affordable nonprofit video and then recycle that content to make it last. 


If you called us up at ArcStone, Nick would talk your ear off regarding the best video production strategy for nonprofits. In short, if you keep your tight budget in mind from start to finish, you can create a video that can be recycled for several mediums.

This is what makes video so powerful — it can speak to each of your audiences. You can even meet them where they are, both online and offline. Your video can be sliced up for social media clips or you can display the entirety of it on a loop at your next gala.


To get you started, Nick shared a few of his go-to resources:

Planning stage

Production stage –

  • EcoMedia: A large organization that helps nonprofits with video 
  • Voice Jockeys: Professional, low cost VO work
  • PremiumBeat: High quality and affordable music service

Here are a few examples of what these resources have helped us produce:

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