Happy(our) recap: Acceptance, kindness & saying yes

By Chloe Mark | November 2017


We were thrilled to see how many people left their busy work days a bit early to join us at Happy(our). We collectively took a step back and asked some stand-out Minneapolis - St. Paul locals to jump right into the deep-end as panelists. We started with some simple, straightforward questions, but we came out of the night with thought-provoking ideas and stories that filled our space with both laughter and a few teary eyes. 

We wanted to take a second to point you to video format of the event for those of you who couldn't make it or even those who wanted to review the awesome content. Here's the footage! Apologies, we had technical difficulties with the audio until about 6 minutes in. 


Some highlights: 

“Stop worrying about what people think about you," advised Aubry Walch. She spoke of the happiness that stems from accepting yourself and letting go of your worry.

A good mantra from yogi, Phil Doucette: "I don't know." Humbly accept that you don't have all the answers and go about your day curious to learn more.

Brian Oake pointed out that there's a reason two of the top selling albums of all time are called, "Let It Be." We should all let people, things and situations be what they are, rather than judging them or trying to change them.

The reason Susannah Schouweiler has found more happiness recently is she "stop[ped] chasing achievement" and was okay to just take up her "space in the world" without worrying about what she was contributing. 

When asked how they would define happiness in one word, Phil and Audry agreed on "acceptance," Brian chose "kindness," Susannah "yes" and David even contributed his: "love."


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