Fundraise, Recruit, Inform & Inspire with Video

By Nicholas Longtin | April 2015

On-line video can have a transformative effect on non-profits that harness it's powerful communication possibilities. From bolstering grassroots movements, to inspiring change and raising funds, video can be a big part of accomplishing your nonprofit's goals.



The ALS Association raised over $100 million dollars with the viral ice bucket challenge video series. Although this is an exception to the norm, it shows just how powerful video and social media can be when used together creatively. 

Video can boost your fund raising efforts by clearly showing viewers the need that exists, putting a real human face on the issue, or creating a compelling call to action.

There's a huge body of marketing research that shows fund raising campaigns that include video perform better, and with the rise of crowd funding campaigns that all include videos, video content is becoming an expectation.

Inform & Inspire

Many nonprofits use video to raise awareness of the issue they are championing. A great example is the "Follow the Frog" campaign which raises awareness about rain forest deforestation, and what you can do about it. This video has performed exceptionally well, however, the production quality and scope may be far beyond what your organization can muster.

A simpler approach, but certainly not less impactful, was taken by Human for Humans with their "The Homeless Read Mean Tweats" video. Whether grand in scope or small, video is an exceptional tool for explaining the need your nonprofit addresses.

Another Level

Video can also catapult your cause or nonprofit to another level. A high quality video and marketing campaign has the potential to reach a widespread audiance and create real change. The Minnesota chapter of HRC was put in the national spotlight when a video I produced about a local teacher won the Whitehouse's LGBT Champions of Change award

Video helps bring to life the causes you care about for the viewer. However, it may seem like a daunting task to produce quality vidoes, or you may not even know where to start. Work with local professional video marketers if you don't have the resources to produce videos internally. Video content can stand the test of time and drive traffic for years to come.

How do you measure the impact?

Check out this article from Think With Google to learn more about the real-time YouTube video analytics. If you're a nonprofit interested in receiving monthly updates on the latest marketing news, sign up for our newsletter, The Nerdy Nonprofit.

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