Fractional CMO + Marketing Team or In-House Employees?

By Lisa Hirst Carnes | October 2019

It seems like you can’t read the news without hearing suggestions that a recession is looming. You may remember the great recession that started at the end of 2007 and lasted for 18 months. Stemming from the collapse of the real estate market, 2.6 million people lost their jobs. 

Between the threat of a recession and a tight labor market, it’s not only difficult to find qualified marketers, it may be tough to feel comfortable adding to your team with so much uncertainty. This doesn’t have to affect your growth mindset.

With over twenty years augmenting in-house marketing teams, ArcStone is the “OG” of fractional CMOs and marketing teams. Not only will we devise a winning strategy to help you accomplish your business goals, we’ll implement it too. 

Here are six reasons why hiring a fractional marketing team may be right for you.


Specialized Skills

Fractional marketing teams bring greater depth and more skills than hiring an individual. There’s a whole host of disciplines that encompass digital marketing and it’s unrealistic to think that one or two employees have all the skills you’ll need. Fractional marketing teams offer specialized skills without the headache of hiring. 


Scale Quickly

According to HR Professionals, onboarding takes about 3 months and often extends through the entire first year. Enlisting the help of a fractional marketing team lets you flex up when you need to and scale back when you don’t. Plus, even those rare, highly-skilled “Swiss army knife” employees that can do it all, have limited capacity. With a fractional marketing team, you can get more work done and meet your goals.  

Increased Productivity

One or two employees can only do so much. Enlisting a fractional marketing team with an array of skills allows you to get more done quickly. And, fractional marketing teams have the resources to get things done efficiently. Whether it’s tools, processes, or people, fractional marketing teams have the talent and skills required to execute your marketing plan.

Get a Fresh Perspective

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when you work with the same team, day-in-day-out. An outsider can see new things and offer a fresh perspective. A fractional marketing team can bring new insights that free you from internal baggage. 

Reduced Overhead

Employees are expensive! An employee costs so much more than what they get paid. MIT Sloan School of Management Senior Lecturer, Joe Hadzima suggests that we need to include other costs such as taxes, benefits, space, and equipment, to understand the true cost of an employee. Hadzima calculates that employees are typically in the 1.25 to 1.4 times base salary range. So, if an employee is making $50,000 per year, their actual cost is most likely between $62,500 and $70,000. Engaging with a fractional marketing team is more cost effective than building up an internal team. 

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