Favorite reads from our team – business, productivity & happiness

By Chloe Mark | September 2016

If you're finding your summer reading list has dwindled and you're ready for some early fall motivation, this curated list from our CEO, head of business development and marketing manager may be a good place to start. Here are a few of their picks and why these reads stuck with them above others.


Business & Sales

First Round Review, blog 

Good fit for: Anyone in the business and/or digital world. These posts are written by top business executives from across the country. They cover anything from general business management to productivity, sales, and design.

Nugget that stands out: "My favorite post is this one regarding building your sales technology stack. This is applicable to every business unit, how can you leverage technology and automation to reach your goals faster?" – Jenna

Anything You Wantbook by Derek Sivers (also several great TED talks)


Good fit for: Readers curious about growing successful businesses. Sivers has a talent for telling stories in a compelling way – "he never impulsively answers a question but rather often turns the question itself on it's head, in a way you've never thought of before." – Jenna

Nugget that stands out: "Businesses who operate authentically and in unique ways leave the greatest impression. He spoke of a story where after shipping a product, they asked the customer if there was anything else they could do for them. One guy requested a live squid, so his team packaged one up in a cooler and sent it across halfway across the world to the man's doorstep. The customer was obviously shocked and amused. This random extra step made a lasting impact and ended up going viral." – Jenna


Your Brain at Work, book by David Rock book-recommendations-for-business

Good fit for: Reader interested in better understanding how the mind works

Nugget that stands out: "Great insights around the drivers of behavior - his SCARF model is very helpful in understanding motivation and happiness." – David

Words That Work, book by Frank Luntz 

Good fit for: People interested in psychology and how personality and words work. Marketing manager Jerod puts it like this: "I think about this book all the time! Well at least often. It's about this massive study that broke down the English language into five categories, based off of the big five personality types. People who have certain personality makeups, are prone to use and are more susceptible to hear certain words. They are therefore involved in an economy of words, where they are targeted by political messages. Yup, I read this book in college."

Nugget that stands out: "It's not what you say, it's what people hear. You can be precise with the tactical use of words and phrases this affects what we buy, who we vote for, and even what we believe in." – Jerod


The Four Hour Work Weekbook by Tim Ferriss (he also has a great blog)


Good fit for: Anyone interested in becoming more productive. "Who doesn't want a four hour work week?" – David

Nuggets that stand out: "Good for a different perspective on work. Also good hacks for productivity, marketing, and travel." – David



The Happiness Advantagebook by Shawn Achorbook-recommendations-for-business

Good fit for: Finding happiness in your day to day life

Nuggets that stand out: "There are a ton of good hacks for productivity and just being happy. Key takeaway? You don't strive for success to become happy - being happy enables you to become successful." – David

Let us know if you have any more recommendations by tweeting @arcstone.

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