Explain It With Animation

By Nicholas Longtin | July 2019

Occasionally I have a client with a brilliant product or service that introduces something truly new to the marketplace. While this is an exciting prospect, and a position many businesses would love to be in, it does introduce some marketing challenges.

Educate & Entertain

Breakthrough products often struggle to gain traction as the market lags behind slightly, still holding on to the old ways of doing things. An excellent way to market to the remaining naysayers is with video. Compelling video can be a powerful educational and marketing tool to help potential customers see the light.

I will often encourage clients to explore animated video concepts as the main content piece for marketing their revolutionary product. Animation offers a powerful blend of audio, visuals, text, symbolism and movement that explain concepts better than any other medium.

Meet the Bots

Below is an example of the type of animated video I’ve been describing. My client Centreviews offers a SAS product for accounting teams that drastically improves their daily workflow by using robotic processes automation, or RPA.

RPA is new to the accounting software marketplace, and Centreviews unique implementation uses discrete “bots” to handle tasks. These bots either work on their own or in conjunction depending on the customers needs. Centreviews needed a video to explain their revolutionary new concept and introduce the bots. Take a look at what we came up with and see how animation can make even complex concepts easily explained.

Topics: Digital Marketing