Earth Day 2022: Nonprofits Committed to the Future of Our Planet

By Ilia Jones | April 2022


Working with nonprofits comes with the inevitability of developing a deep appreciation and connection to their work and mission. While the nonprofit sector is widespread and covers all matters from social issues to infrastructure to economic issues and more, we want to shout out to those nonprofits working toward a more sustainable future this month. 

Earth Day is April 22nd and represents a call to preserve and protect our planet. This month, we acknowledge and support nonprofits who have made it their mission to fight climate change and put the health of our planet at the center of their work. 

Read on for some incredible nonprofits who are investing in the future of our world and inspiring future generations to do the same.  

Children & Nature Network

I may be a little biased, but I will still say with 100% confidence that Children & Nature Network is doing incredible work to improve the human connection to nature and encourage future generations to be considerate of our planet. 

By creating a deep appreciation of our natural world in the youth of today, we're not only helping them reap the many benefits of time spent in nature, but we're giving them a clear understanding of how important our environment is and encouraging them to care for it. 

Support Children & Nature Network by learning more about the amazing work they do, and if you're in Atlanta this May, join them and other inspiring nature leaders at their annual InsideOut! International Conference


Minnesota is our home state, and it's also home to an incredible organization called MN350. The 350 represents the "parts per million" safe level of carbon dioxide molecules in our atmosphere. As of August 2020, we're sitting at 412.5 ppm, which is a record high. 

M350 is working to dismantle the layers of disinformation around the science that has proven the existence and severity of climate change and the warming of the planet. Support their initiatives, get involved, or use their tips to celebrate Earth Month 2022 here in Minnesota

Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network

Seed is the first Indigenous youth climate network to come out of Australia. As a branch of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Seed is building a movement that will have lasting effects on the youth of today and future generations.

The organization's vision is to create a just and sustainable future that encourages strong culture and community in a world powered by renewed energy. Check out Seed's incredibly inspiring Water is Life documentary featuring Aboriginal communities fighting against fracking and large corporations trying to exploit their sacred lands. 

Rainforest Foundation US

The rainforest famously provides an enormous supply of the earth's oxygen. But it's also home to thousands of indigenous and traditional peoples who are losing their homes and way of life because of the impacts of climate change and the destruction of the rainforests across multiple countries. 

Rainforest Foundation works to protect the important ecosystem that exists in the rainforest and the human rights of the indigenous and traditional people who live there.  It's easy to feel disconnected from these distant corners of the earth, but organizations like Rainforest Foundation shed light on how climate change is first hitting hardest in those such areas. 

Climate Justice Alliance

Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) was formed in 2013 to unite communities and organizations to fight extractive economic decisions that are wreaking havoc on the environment and communities around the world. 

CJA is doing extensive work to shift from systems of production, political exploitation, and consumption to instead strategize for a resilient and regenerative economy. Just Transition Alliance is working to unify communities to create systems that are just, equitable, sustainable, and regenerative.

These strategies were forged by labor unions and environmental activists who represent low-income communities and communities of color who experienced first-hand the industries' harmful approach and saw a need and opportunity for change.

The topic of climate change is an important one that requires action and is not short on reactions. But we believe that caring for our planet means caring our its people too. Support the organizations above and the many others that are fighting for the future of our planet this Earth Month and beyond! 

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