What do Homemade Cookies and Groceries have in Common with ArcStone? 

By Lisa Hirst Carnes | May 2021


Like many of you, we’ve been working remotely for the past thirteen months. Wow, it's been a long time!

For the first few months of the pandemic, David and I would head over to the office for a change of scenery, to shoot a game of pool, or to water the plants (which seem to be thriving!). Seeing the office empty was sad. We miss seeing our ArcStone family IRL. Some day very soon...

Last October, my son, Leo and I baked some cookies for a food share. There were flyers posted around in the neighborhood and we noticed that they were looking for volunteers to make homemade cookies. We like cookies and baking so...

The LHENA Food Share Program is organized by our powerhouse neighbor, Joan Moser. Our neighborhood, LHENA aka "The Wedge" is located between Lyndale and Hennepin Avenues in Minneapolis. 

LHENA Food Share

Joan is one of those determined people who sees a problem and takes action. She’s inspiring and makes me want to be a better community member. 

We struck up a conversation. At that time, the LHENA Food Share Program was operating out of Scout Workshop on Lyndale Avenue. I mentioned that if they ever needed a space to host the Food Share, we had an empty office and we could help. That next week, Joan emailed me about my offer and BEHOLD the LHENA Food Share Program moved to ArcStone.

Twice a month, ArcStone becomes sort of a grocery store for the LHENA Food Share that serves 75 families. When the Food Share is operating, you'll see bags of groceries organized, side-by-side, ready to be picked up or delivered.

LHENA Food Share

Each community member receives two bags of groceries. One bag contains staples from Loaves and Fishes and the other bag contains fresh produce purchased from the Wedge Co-op at a very generous discount. 

“We know how important it is to provide good quality food to people who are financially stretched,” remarks Joan. She and her team also know how important it is to have special treats so fresh-baked cookies from neighborhood volunteers are also included with the groceries.

As if cookies aren’t special enough, there’s another thing that makes the LHENA Food Share even more special. Volunteers accommodate special diets so the neighbors receiving the groceries get food that they will enjoy while also reducing food waste. 

More than 60 LHENA neighbors volunteer to help with food assembly, deliveries, and distribution twice a month. The LHENA Food Share Program is funded by grants and donations from neighbors. 

“With this Food Share we are supporting our neighbors and creating a sense of community,” Joan shared. “Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing we are helping people who are struggling to make ends meet.”  

We are so grateful that our paths crossed that day and our empty office can be a hub for such vital work in our community.

If you're interested in volunteering or supporting the LHENA Food Share Program, please contact us

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