Building Audience Personas - A Guide

By Jenna Christensen | September 2015

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-- The Nerdy Nonprofit - 9.15 --

Tip: Realistic Strategies for the [Overworked] Nonprofit Marketer

In the nonprofit world, it's likely that you wear a lot of hats. In fact, you might be the director of development/communications/marketing. Unfortunately, this means that online marketing often falls to the wayside. Here is an interesting approach to add some consistency to your weekly tasks and stay active online, written by Well Done Marketing

Event: 501 Tech Club Networking Event: Audience Personas

Join us at ArcStone Headquarters on September 17th for a Nonprofit Tech Talk. Lisa Hirst-Carnes will be giving a short presentation on how to create audience personas and use them to determine your strategy, tools and technology. There will be free drinks and great conversation. We'd love to have you.

Case Study: "Start-up" Nonprofit Watsi and Their Wildly Successful Email Campaign 

You don't often hear 'nonprofit' and 'start-up' used in the same sentence. However, this nonprofit, Watsi, is venture backed, based in Silicon Valley and applies growth hacking principles to their marketing. There is lots to be learned from their campaign targeted to increase participation in their monthly giving program, the Universal Fund.

Slideshare: AdWords for Nonprofits - Ad Grants, Best Practices & More 

This post has been in our top 10 most viewed for the past few months. Did you know that of nonprofits that have ad grants, they only use $300 out of $10,000/month on average? We have tactics to help you better leverage your AdWords campaigns, whether you have a grant or not.

Productivity: Inbox Zero: Email Hacks + a Free Tool

Let's be honest, email rules our lives. You might roll your eyes at the concept of 'inbox zero' but Lisa offers a few realistic strategies to help you accomplish the ultimate goal. Personally, I use a tool called Followupthen to clear my mental inbox and have emails resurface just when I need them.

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