Using New & Existing Content to Boost Your Site's SEO

By Lisa Hirst Carnes | August 2022

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is always evolving and changing. What worked a few years ago may not work today, and what works today may not work tomorrow. SEO is about creating the best possible user experience while also working to show up as high as possible on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

That's why it's crucial to stay up to date on the latest best practices and update your website with new content. But what are the best ways to go about accomplishing those two goals? In this post, we will discuss some of the best ways to use content to boost your search ranking. Keep reading to learn more!

How Does Content Help With SEO?

SEO is the practice of enhancing the visibility of a website in the SERPs to make it more discoverable. Good SEO will drive more organic traffic to your site, resulting in more conversions.
In other words, SEO ensures that your website appears when a user searches a relevant keyword. Search engines use algorithms to determine which websites are most relevant for each query. One of the most critical elements is the content on a website.
There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to optimizing your content for SEO:


  • Content should be keyword-rich but not keyword-stuffed. This means including your target keywords only when it's natural and flows well.
  • The content you provide should be well-written, informative, and entertaining. Nobody wants to read an uninteresting wall of text.
  • Your content should be relevant to your target audience. Write content that appeals to the people you want to attract to your website.
  • Update content regularly. Google loves fresh content, so add new and relevant information to your website.
  • Promote your content through social media and other channels.

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Why Should You Be Creating New Content and Updating Existing Content?

It's no secret that fresh content is essential to keep your website relevant and engaging. But, updating existing content is as important as creating new content.

1. Keeps Your Site Accurate and Up-to-Date

Over time, website information can become outdated, whether it's dates, events, prices, or product details. Sites that aren't updated look unprofessional and can cause user confusion or frustration. Updating your content helps ensure that users have access to accurate information.

2. Improves Your Search  Engine Ranking

One factor in determining your website's ranking is how often you update your content. The more often you update your site, the more higher you'll likely appear in search results. And when people can find your site, they're more likely to visit it and engage.

3. Increases User Engagement

If users see that you update your content, they will be more likely to return to your site. They'll know there's always something new to see. But, if your site never changes, people will become bored and stop visiting altogether.

4. Shows That You're an Expert in Your Field

Creating new content helps to prove that you're an expert in your field. It can help show that you're up-to-date on the latest information. This can help build trust with potential customers and make them more likely to trust and work with you. 

5. Generates Leads and Sales

The ultimate goal of your website should be to generate visibility, leads and sales. New content will provide potential customers with the information they need. Updating existing content can also drive sales, keeping your site relevant and top-of-mind. 

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If organic traffic isn't by far your highest source of visitors you can likely benefit greatly from adding more quality content to your website.

What Is Google's Freshness Algorithm and Why Is It Important?

Google's freshness algorithm is a major part of the search engine's ranking system. When a search engine serves a search result, it considers how recent the content is and how relevant it is to the query. If the content is fresh, it will have a higher ranking in search results.
This algorithm helps serve users relevant and up-to-date content when they search. This is especially important for timely topics, such as news and current events. It also helps keep older content from being buried under a never-ending stream of new content.
The freshness algorithm is one of many factors that Google considers when ranking content. Other factors include the content quality, the site's popularity, and the relevance. Google is always tweaking its algorithms to provide the best results. As a result, content creators must also adapt their strategies.

How to Identify Existing Content That You Should Update? What's Ranking? What's Getting Traffic?

To identify content that needs a refresh, check Google Analytics to see which pages receive the most traffic. You can also use Google Search Console to see what your site is ranking for and whether there have been any changes. If you notice that a particular piece of content is no longer ranking as high as it once did, it may need an update.
Another thing to consider is whether there have been any recent changes in the page's topic. For example, if your article is about the ranking algorithm and Google releases an update, your article may no longer be accurate. In this case, you'll need to update the article with the latest information if you want it to appear in the SERPs.
Finally, you may want to consider updating your content if it's no longer getting the same traffic as it once did. The drop in traffic could be for many reasons, such as changes in Google's algorithm or a decline in interest. If you notice a significant drop in traffic, an update could help bring those numbers back up.

The Bottom Line

Updating old content with new information is a great way to keep it fresh and give users a reason to come back. Also, creating new content will help you rank higher in the SERPs, bringing more traffic to your site.
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