Boost your content output with Stackup, and give yourself some cred, too

By Jerod Greenisen | October 2016

Bloggers know that creating a great blog post means more time spent researching and reading about their topic than actually writing the post itself. With so many great tools like Zapier, Evernote, and Trello available to aid with the writing process, what about something that celebrates the best part of creating a post – the learning process?


Here’s a game changer: Stackup. It was founded by Nick Garvin in Denver who realized “his resume failed to document the thousands of hours he had spent learning online.” This tool compiles all the articles you read into a social profile with stats, badges, and even games.

So how can it help your blog writing process and even positively impact your team? 

Socializing your internal SEO game.

If creating blog posts on a regular basis to give your website’s SEO a boost, perhaps Stackup can be a fun way to bring your team together around creating content.

The Stackup app is a tool that tracks everything that you read online through a Chrome extension. If you’re reading online you’re working towards something – you’re learning, right? Well now you can get credit for what you’re learning – with a slick dashboard that presents all your stats with visuals and customizable features to help. You can also leverage your user profile to challenge your friends and coworkers to “research-offs” and earn rewards within the app. Perhaps your boss could reward your team with kudos in real life. 

Flex those nerd creds; show-off what you know best.

Stackup is a great way to bring some energy to your team’s internal writing process. It empowers researchers on your team to show what they know and what they love to read about! At ArcStone, our blog is powered by people who have specialized knowledge and unique perspectives. The Stackup app quantifies those perspectives and presents that data as a profile; who knew we had political junkies, indie rock experts, and so many foodies on our team!?

With Stackup you can also challenge your co-workers, and spice up the sometimes solitary writing process with a little competitive energy. Creating a challenge is about as simple as sending an email; Stackup has 60 categories to choose from with suggestions on where to get your research started. If your team wants to consistently create quality blog posts, perhaps some friendly competition can make reaching that goal a more engaging process!

Don’t change a thing and surprise yourself.

Lastly, what’s great about Stackup is that it works silently in the background, while you browse the web using Google Chrome. It’s not disruptive, and it melds into your team’s work process. You won’t have to change how you write content, but now others will know just how well you know what you’re writing about. Also, at the end of the week when you review your results you can even surprise yourself about how much you know about a topic!

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