Website Redesign on the Horizon? 25 Free Resources to Help You Prepare

By Jenna Christensen | February 2019

Is your company in need of a website redesign? We've compiled the best of our own content in one place to help you prepare for the project and get caught up on the latest in the digital world. 

Before diving in, I encourage you to grab a free copy of our 10-step redesign ebook. It lays out the ten steps you should take to prepare for the project. You can then use the posts below to dive deeper into each subject.

icons-01Meet your Audience Where They Are 

You need to understand AND prioritize your audiences before understanding the functionality and content needed on your new website. We encourage building in-depth audience personas, check out our tips below.

9 Steps to Understanding Your Users

Using Personas to Guide Effective Web Design

Audience Interviews Help Dictate User Paths and Homepage Design [CASE STUDY]

icons-02Content is Queen

It's no secret that content is the most important part of any effective digital marketing strategy. We take a four-pronged approach to content here at ArcStone - keep as is, leverage, consolidate or remove. Here are a few posts and tools to help take stock and re-organize your content.

6 Essential Content Questions Before Your Website Redesign

Tips for Planning your Digital Content

How to Create an Effective Strategy for Your Content Marketing Initiative

icons-03Design for Dummies

The rise of mobile and interactive websites has changed the game. Check out the following posts to determine whether it's time for you to redesign your website, get some insight into the latest trends, and some advice from some of our own in-house designers.

How to Recognize That it's Time for a Website Redesign

Notes from a Designer On Web Design Trends 

The Ultimate Trend Changing Design in 2018 

More Than Just Content: How to Design a Great Landing Page

icons-04Shore Up Your Analytics 

There's nothing worse than logging into your analytics to find out that things haven't been set up properly. A lack of data or insights to draw from can make a redesign difficult. Ensure things are set up and tracking properly so that your new web design is based on real data, not just instinct.

Your Guide to Google Analytics [Free Ebook]

Google Analytics Set-Up & Best Practices

Google Analytics 101: Standard Metrics to Watch 

Data + Storytelling: How Your Data Can Speak for Itself

GDPR and Google Analytics Data Retention

icons-05SEO is Still a Thing!

There is no doubt SEO has changed since you last redesigned your site. See our latest thoughts on ranking factors, keywords, trends and more.

Content Marketing & SEO Strategy for Lead Generation

What to Know About SEO Before Your Website Redesign [Includes Ebook]

Modern Keyword Strategy: A Guide

The Silent Hand of SEO 

icons-06The Great Agency Search

In our opinion, the #1 key when finding the right agency partner for your website redesign is culture fit. Get an inside look into who we are as an agency and some tips on selecting the right agency for your business! 

ArcStone Debuts First Off-Site Group Training 

5 Considerations When Choosing a Web Agency 

If you Feel Fear - Get Curious

Tools, tips & tricks 

Great tools and hacks can bring your redesign prep to another level. Here are apps and tricks we've used to increase our efficiency. 

WordPress: Custom VS Purchased Themes

Digital Marketing Lessons on Demand | An Introduction to Primer by Google 

Affinity Diagrams: Hands-On Content Organization

Example of a Content Development Strategy with Trello

Target Your Market: How to Win the Internet with Google Trends

While you're here, check out our free eBook and start generating leads like a pro! 

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