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By Chloe Mark | November 2015

With the popularity of YouTube, Vine and GIFS, it is clear web users are hooked on moving pictures. Knowing the power of video, we recently changed our homepage at ArcStone from an image to a video. If you're feeling limited by your homepage's ability to tell your company's story, video might be your best solution.



Think about it: A Video on homepage design can pull together much more than photos and text can. It includes not only the imagery and words, but can add music, people's own words/interviews, and make you feel like you're walking through a new space. This is especially important in industries like technology, where the process feels a bit intangible. Not everyone knows what coding or design looks like behind the scenes.

With effective video your company will be able to...

1. Say more with less. A major flaw we see in older websites is that there is far too much text on the homepage. This causes people to bounce off the site more quickly as they are unable to process it all at once and often just give up -- a high bounce rate decreases your search ranking. What is more, people like efficiency; if they can see what you do through passively watching a 30 sec. video rather than having to search through all your text, they'll probably take in more information in less time. 

2. Pull in your viewer emotionally. There's something about video that tends to make us feel something. Perhaps its ingrained in us through our familiarity with cinematography or maybe we like to feel like we're a part of the action as we do with video. Whatever it may be, video might be your ticket to engaging your audience. 

3. Increase the amount of time users stay on your site. If your video is captivating enough from the get-go and isn't too long, it is likely viewers will want to watch it through to the end. Again, with a lower bounce rate, your rankings will go up with search engines. 

4. Increase CTR, ROI, and SEO. According to Hub TV you can increase click through rate by 30% with video. Emarketer revealed that 50% of marketers say video has the best ROI for content. Lastly, a study by Forrester demonstrated that for Google, an indexed video is up to 50 times as likely to rank on the first page of a Google search than an indexed image. 

5. Keep up with the trends. Seeing that YouTube is such a popular social media network, only second to Facebook, we know that video works. What is more, research by Cisco predicts that by 2017 video will make up 69% of all consumer internet traffic.

Take a look at these examples by ArcStone

Hybrid Medical Animation: 

Summit Information Resources:

We have a video producer on staff that can help you think of a unique way to show your story. If you're interested in any of the above videos or trying out another idea, give us a call (612.455.7200) or email us at info@arcstone.com.

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