Keeping Your Social Media Content Relevant

By Youa | January 2016

Ever thought about how your online content does over time? How long a post works to drive traffic and engagement? What are some ways where you can extend your reach outside of your normal circle of social media friends? Let's answer these questions to keeping your social media content relevant. life-cycle-of-social-media.jpg

A life cycle of a social media post doesn't always live up to expectations. Based on data collected from StumbleUpon and companies like Nielsen and Fast Company, the half-life of the average social media post is:

  • Snapchat - 10 seconds
  • Twitter - 18 minutes
  • Facebook - 90 minutes
  • Vine - 3 hours
  • LinkedIn - 5 hours
  • Instagram - 6 hours
  • Pinterest - 3 months-6 months

Interesting to note: Through Pinterest, posts capture about 70% of engagement within two days of the initial post, but clicks keep on coming for as much as six months. It can even have a longer shelf life if the item is found and repinned later. Outside of these platforms, Reddit has the best click-through rate of any social platform.

Advice for keeping your social media content relevant

Different folks recommend different strategies and tactics to deal with the relatively short life cycle of content marketing.


Buffer, among others, recommends resharing your content to encourage more engagement over time. Here’s the schedule recommended by Buffer:

Resharing content multiple times extends the life cycle of content marketing as each share starts a new life cycle. Be aware that over-sharing can push away your target market, so sharing more frequently than suggested is not recommended. Another way to bring more views is to share content created by others (curating content) to supplement sharing your own content. George Takei is the master of this with a content marketing strategy that involves 80/20 split -- 80% of shared content comprised of content created by others and 20% of his own content. 

Reaching out to influencers to share your content not only increases your reach, but starts the life cycle of content marketing over again, so it's an excellent strategy. A couple of caveats in reaching out to influencers: Influencers are busy people and their job isn’t to make your life easier - before asking an influencer to share your content:

  • Do your research. Make sure the influencer commonly shares content in your content area. Do not reach out if what you do does not align with their work. A way to make a bad impression is to send something so far out of their content marketing area or something that contradicts their other content.
  • Develop relationships. Getting influencers to share content goes two ways. Don’t cold email someone asking for a favor -- it may work, but it's also in poor taste. Develop a relationship with the influencer first or prepare some incentive to get them to share your content. 
  • Say thanks. Be sure to recognize influencers who share your content. Always note and link back to their site and sending a thank you note/email are a must.

Work with social bookmarking

Unlike traditional social networks, social bookmarking involves submitting content to a site where users search for interesting articles. But, social bookmarking shares some value with social networks when it comes to SEO because user-generated bookmarks help Google categorize your content, as well as show the value users find in your content. Some social bookmarking sites even provide backlinks, which can also help your SEO.

  • DeliciousDelicious is the king of social bookmarking sites and very simple to use. Much like Reddit, it allows users to vote content up or down and displays content with the highest votes. Delicious uses tags and comments to help users find content.
  • Reddit: is the most powerful social bookmarking site, based on my experience and several other respectable bloggers. Reddit, which identifies itself as the front page of the internet, contains links and text about various topics (subreddits) and encourages users to vote up or down content. Reddit is a community-driven social bookmarking site. Here are a few things to know if you plan to use Reddit:
    • Choose an appropriate subreddit. Each subreddit has its own rules (for instance, "business" doesn’t allow you to submit content that is your own and "marketing" doesn’t allow linked content-only texts). The Reddit group has more rules than your average social media platform. Respect the community by following the rules — or face the consequences of banishment.
    • Each subreddit has folks who follow it. Obviously, you’d like to share your content in the subreddit with the largest number of followers. Don’t duplicate shares on several subreddits.
    • Play nice by sharing content submitted by others.
    • Make it easy for visitors to share your content by adding a Reddit button to your website.
  •  StumbleUponis another popular bookmarking site. The infographic shows just how enormous StumbleUpon is — with 51 pages added every minute. To make StumbleUpon an effective part of your content marketing, be sure to use tags and leave some comments when you submit your content because finding it among all the other content is like finding a needle in a haystack.
    • Not only is StumbleUpon a great place to share your content, it’s a great place to find content for sharing or just to learn something new — called "stumbling." I find it a great research tool in preparing new content.
  • There are tons of other social bookmarking sites: Digg, Newsvine, Squidoo, and Yahoo Bookmarks are among them. Check some out and see if they work for you.

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