Meta Tags, Anchor Texts & Redirects - Translating Tech Terms for Marketers

By Chloe Mark | January 2016

As marketers, it's easy to skim over some tech terms without really understanding what they mean. Through this quick post we can get a better handle on some of the more obscure terms in the digital marketing realm. 




An avatar is the word or image that represents someone in an icon on social media or another online account. Above example from Twitter. 



“Graphics Interface Format” - an animated photo or looped video. Above example from Tumblr.

Meta Tag: 


The meta tag is the small amount of information that describes a web page’s content to help a search engine know what the page is about. They don’t appear on the page itself, but instead within the page’s code. As web users, we also see it in search results underneath the header and URL, defining what the page is supposed to be about. 

301 Redirect:


This redirect is the way that a search engine or web browser is told that a web page has been permanently moved to a different location. This is useful to know during a website redesign process to ensure that the old page sends the browser to the new web page.



404 signifies the error message that appears to tell the browser that the web url is not valid.

ALT Tags:


“Alternative text” is a word or phrase that can be inserted as a part of a HTML document, that will then tell web browsers what the image is about or to what it relates.

Anchor Text:


Anchor text are the characters and words that appear highlighted (usually blue and underlined) which are actually the visible part of a hyperlink. A hyperlink provides a link to connect you to another page or website.  

Anchor text strategy has changed and evolved over the years. Check out Linkio's Anchor Text Optimization Strategy for 2019 to learn more about optimizing anchor text. 



Banners include the heading or advertisement appearing across the top of a web page in the form of a bar, column or box. It usually is used as an image displaying the site’s title or to describe the main information that will appear on the rest of the page when clicked.

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