Inbound Marketing, HubSpot and ArcStone

By Jenna C | March 2014

Inbound Marketing - the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business (HubSpot)

Yes, another marketing buzzword, but we here at ArcStone believe that this one is here to stay. With the latest Google updates and changing patterns in buyer behavior, content is more important than ever - not to mention promoting it across all channels. So in order to broaden our skill set, we decided on HubSpot as our inbound marketing software of choice. Over the past few months, we have been very impressed with its capabilities while becoming HubSpot Certified Partners ourselves.

Here are five reasons that HubSpot is a great tool that can help you not only drive prospects to your website, but help convert them into customers.


1. Your marketing tools - all in one place

If you are like us, your marketing arsenal consists of 10+ different tools and software. Each one has its own password, learning curve, and capabilities. With HubSpot, many if not all of your tools will be consolidated into one. This includes email, analytics, social media, contacts, reporting and more. Your team will now be able to effectively manage all companies with one user-friendly interface.

2. Conversion tracking

Creating campaigns is easier than ever and with HubSpot you can tie each step of a workflow to one campaign. This includes click tracking, form conversions, nurturing emails and list creation. Higher levels of HubSpot also allow you to do A/B tests on landing pages to further optimize your campaigns.

3. Design

With HubSpot you can quickly build branded landing pages, forms, and calls-to-action. This enables someone with no design experience to quickly get things started. 

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4. Social media tools / automation

The social media tool in HubSpot is very robust and allows you to quickly schedule and share content across multiple platforms. You can also create custom streams to monitor activity so should anyone mention an industry term or one of your key services, you are able to jump in and join in on the conversation.

4. Great support

Not only is there endless training videos and collateral available, but support is exceptional as well. The support team has always responded promptly and kept me updated on progress when an issue arises. Features are always being improved and added to better the experience.

We have been using HubSpot on for about 5 months now. In that time we have started an email campaign (over 50% open rate), created 10+ landing pages (one with conversion rates above 35%!) and have seen our overall traffic increase (30% this quarter compared to last). Those are certainly statistics you can’t ignore which is why we want you to join in on the fun.

If you are interested in learning more about HubSpot or Inbound Marketing, give our team a call at 612-455-7200 or sign up for a free inbound marketing assessment to see if you may be a good fit. We would be happy to answer any questions or give you a demo!

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