Enjoy a Bigger Email Marketing Audience: 8 Tips For Growing Your Subscriber List

By Lisa Hirst Carnes | January 2014


Email marketing, as a tool, is more effective and cost-efficient than ever before. If you have enough qualified, opted-in subscribers on your list, you always have the potential to almost instantly increase your sales and build a more powerful brand.

However, getting that list – not to mention keeping it – is getting harder than it ever was in the past. Your customers don't have the time and attention spans that they did even just a few years ago, and privacy concerns are causing more and more people to unsubscribe from newsletters that aren't important to them.

That means that you can gain a significant advantage over your competitors, and do great things for your bottom line, by continually growing your email newsletter subscriber list. Here are eight tips to help you keep gathering names and addresses:

1. Promote your email newsletter tirelessly.

There should be links to your email newsletter on your blog, on social updates, and even on company brochures or materials distributed during live, in-person events.

2. Make it easy for new subscribers to sign up.

Assuming you're using a well-known email marketing platform like Emma, Constant Contact or HubSpot, you can take advantage of automated widgets that allow readers and viewers to sign up for your newsletter almost instantly.

3. Encourage referrals from your existing subscriber list.

You can use the same kinds of tools to encourage existing readers to share your email newsletter with others. In fact, they could be your best source of new subscribers.

4. Offer email-only discounts and specials.

If you have specials, discounts, or other promotions that are only available in your email newsletter, then it will become more valuable to buyers and prospects. Track your email conversions using Google Analytics or another analytics platform.

5. Make sure your email newsletter is helpful and informative.

In the same way, the more helpful and informative your email newsletter is, the less apt readers will be to do without it. Make sure you sprinkle insightful articles in with your sales and marketing offers.

6. Provide "snackable" content.

Don't overwhelm subscribers with too much information. Read through your content and determine if it's digestible. Give your subscribers a golden nugget, and then, if they're still interested, give them more.

7. Segment your email marketing list, if necessary.

If you have several different customer groups that you work with, it might make sense to send them different versions of your email newsletter.

8. Make a concerted effort to keep the email subscribers you already have.

See if you can figure out why contacts unsubscribe. It could be that you’re emailing them too often, or the offers you're making aren't relevant. Keeping an existing subscriber is just as good as gaining a new one, so make sure you devote some time and attention to that goal.

Email marketing is a great way to boost sales, stay on the top of customers’ minds, and even spread the word about new products and services. So, put these seven tips to use and keep growing your list of subscribers on a daily basis.

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